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Despite of work halted rumours, Lidl to open by Christmas in Yeovil



Despite rumours that work had stopped on West Hendford supermarket, Yeovil’s second Lidl is on its way to be opened in time and intact for Christmas shopping. A number of local citizens has contacted the retailer to raise their concerns that the project is on hold. But the German giant confirmed that it is only rumours and it will open its door before the festive season. The company spokesman told that the work is progressing as planned. At present, the building work is at an advanced stage. The supermarket will join the Lyde Road outlet as one of two Lidls within Yeovil, and bring the German giant’s number of chains in UK to more than 600.

The store provides 109 free parking lots; six each is reserved for disabled, child & parent bays respectively. Up to 40 openings for local people will be created. All on-roll employees will be provided the national living wage of £8.25 an hour. Lidl has become the first supermarket to give the pay out last year. The head of the property at Lidl UK Mr James Mitchell told that they are very excited to bring this new store to Yeovil. They had a very successful running store on the other side of the town for many years, and it was the root of that success which encouraged them to go for a second outlet. There has been a clear-cut public support for the initiative, with 3,400 people in the west of Yeovil signing a petition in favour of the new store and in turn it proves to be a new opportunity to develop a supermarket for the future.

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