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IKEA’s new application makes it possible to furnish an entire interior in augmented reality

The Swedish furniture giant’s Place app has been updated to help customers decorate their homes virtually with the help of artificial intelligence.

When IKEA’s Place app came into being two years ago, it allowed its users to see which furniture in the catalog was best in their home thanks to augmented reality with a simple smartphone. Earlier this week, the Swedish firm announced that its application now has an innovative update.

Instead of allowing its users to test one piece of furniture at a time, Place allows you to visualize an interior with several pieces of furniture simultaneously. For people who have difficulty deciding on their interior design, the application now offers “advice and recommendations based on curation, context and behavior,” according to the firm.

Another novelty of the application, the ability to point your smartphone camera to any furniture to find the product that comes closest in the IKEA catalog.

The iOS version of the application has been updated earlier this week, Android devices will have to wait, IKEA warns that new features will be available “in the near future”.


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