Iceland wins the 2018 Supermarket Survey Award

  Environmental Investigation Agency has declared the winners of their 2018 supermarket award based on a survey of the best supermarket Plastic Policy.  
 The evaluation tackled reducing single-use plastic, eliminating non-recyclable plastic, influencing suppliers and transparency. stated: 

“Based on their survey responses, retailers were scored on their commitments to reduce single-use plastic, eliminate non-recyclable plastic packaging, engage with supply chains and transparent reporting and ranked accordingly.”

“Those scoring highest have shown ambition or promise in certain areas – Iceland in taking a bold approach for pledging to eliminate own-brand single-use plastic packaging in five years, and Morrisons in pushing forward on loose produce ranges and refillable formats. But the majority of supermarkets disappoint; tending to have vague or unambitious targets and timelines for reducing single-use plastics and eliminating non-recyclable plastics.”

 Island was ranked to be the best supermarket reducing single-use plastic and also in influencing suppliers.

   Morrison’s was ranked to be the best provider of unpackaged fruits and vegetables, due to providing their organic items, not in plastic packages.

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