Iceland Supermarket Eliminates Plastic On Its Own Brand

To help the end of “scourge” of plastic pollution a well-known supermarket chain in Iceland, that majorly specialises in frozen food decided to go Plastic-free within five years. They have started replacing current plastic packaging with paper & pulp trays and paper bags. These would be easy to recycle through in-store recycling facilities.

A recent survey by the supermarket indicates that 80% of the people would endorse the move to go plastic free. Measures have been taken to ensure that all packaging would be fully recyclable and would be recycled. Initiatives like bottle deposit or return schemes for depositing old plastic bottles have been developed.

The leaders of Iceland have stated that, since it has always been technology and practically possible to create alternatives that are less harmful, hence, there is no need for excessive packaging that would create waste and cause environmental damages.

Iceland has already made a shift from possible to practical and removed plastic disposable straws from its own label range and the coming up food ranges within a few months will be using paper-based food trays. This move has eased out the growing concern over plastic pollution across the world’s water bodies, where it aims to harm and kill wildlife.

The Prime Minister has promises to extend the successful 5p levy on plastic bags to smaller shops, and has also decided to explore a potential charge on single-use plastic containers.

Among the other initiatives, a plan to build an urge in the supermarkets to introduce aisles without any plastic packaging is included. This would involve selling loose food.

In Iceland’s decision of going plastic-free by 2023, has shown that powerful retailers are free to take decisive actions, which would help them provide what their customers want, without the environment paying for it. Iceland has become the first major retailer to commit elimination of plastic packaging for its own brand.