ICA Norrviken supermarket introduces dynamic NFC tags

Shoppers at ICA Norrviken supermarket in northern suburb of Stockholm can now see promotions, discounts, and deals and in depth data about various products using their smart phone. All they would have to do is to tap their phones against dynamic NFC tags that are strategically placed in the price labels.

The grocer has likewise put NFC posters outside its store to allow clients tap to purchase prepackaged grocery packs straight through their cell phone. The infrastructure has been given by Adfields. The prime aim of this platform is not just to test the public reaction but also to see how it builds deals and upgrades the adequacy of the grocery store’s promotional activities, Adfields’ Martin Kemeny said.

Kemeny clarified how they have introduced dynamic NFC labels into the sticker prices that sit on the racks. Almost 300 labels have been put in the store. Clients can get more data about the items — itemized arrangements of food for individuals with sensitivities, for example. As the labels are dynamic and can be diverted, they can include promotional deals, rebates, rivalries and other promotions.

The supermarket authorities said that the posters outside the shop enable potential customers to respond to an offer to buy the prepackaged grocery outside of opening hours just by tapping their phone on the posters. Customers would not be able to cannot change the content because that these comes prepackaged. On the other hand customers can chose from different kinds of bags, from Bistro to Inspiration, Kemenys said.

Adfields said that it indeed expect criticism from many quarters but surprisingly numerous pointed out the ease of use of the framework. Amid the following six months, they plan to work in close participation with the general store to change the framework and its substance.