Ibotta Reveals Best and Worst Places to Trick or Treat, Best Day to Buy Candy

Ibotta, the single starting point for rewarded shopping on mobile, and the most popular shopping app for earning cash back on groceries, clothing, beauty products and more, examined candy purchases across all 50 states in the lead-up to Halloween for the past two years, and found that children in the Pacific Northwest may be in for a real treat this year. According to the study, Oregon and Washington topped the rankings as the best states for trick-or-treating, based on average candy purchases per person.

The findings, which included an analysis of 150,000 item-level receipts for candy bought the week before Halloween in 2015 and 2016, revealed that Oregonians spent more on Halloween candy than residents of any other state, an average of $40.29, with Washington, New Jersey, Utah and California rounding out the top five best states for trick-or-treaters.

Ohio was the worst state for trick-or-treating, with only $11.22 spent per person, followed by Georgia, Michigan, Alabama and Colorado. Children in those states might need to double up on houses or squeeze in one more neighborhood block to score a candy haul this Halloween.

Nationwide, Americans spent an average of $16.45 per person on Halloween candy.

Ibotta also looked at the average price of candy in the same timeframe and found that consumers got the best deals on candy four days before Halloween, when the average price was $1.94 per unit. That was in stark contrast to October 30, when the median cost rose to $2.75, making Halloween Eve the worst day to save money on candy. This may be attributed to shoppers making purchase decisions based on what is still available on store shelves rather than comparison shopping for a better deal.

The analysis also uncovered which candies are handed out to trick-or-treaters across the country, preparing kids for the inevitable candy swap with friends and siblings at the end of the night. Oregonians’ top candy of choice was 3 Musketeers, while 100 Grand Bars were most frequently bought in Washington the week before Halloween. Snickers Bars were most popular in the state of New Jersey, Butterfinger reigned supreme in Utah, and Snickers Crisper Bars were the number one candy choice for Californians during the same week.

“At Ibotta, we’re constantly helping consumers get the most bang for their buck, and this Halloween we wanted to show Americans where they can get the most treats for their tricks,” said Bryan Leach, Founder and CEO of Ibotta. “For residents of states at the bottom of the rankings, it’s not too late to use Ibotta to earn cash back on candy and find great deals on costumes, decorations and more, to make the most of the holiday.”

While children across the country can’t wait to sink their collective teeth into a mountain of sweets on Halloween, Ibotta found that parents in some states were preparing for the inevitable dentist visit. Vermont, Maine, Arkansas, New York and Maryland led the country in average sales of oral care products the week before Halloween in 2015 and 2016, as parents stocked up on toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss. Delaware, West Virginia and Wyoming were at the bottom of that ranking.