Hughes Mushrooms gets into Tesco’s listing

Northern Irish mushroom maker Hughes Mushrooms has secured its first inventory with Tesco for its Filled Full of reach range of stuffed mushrooms. The range, which started a year back, is being rolled out in as many as 15 Tesco stores in Northern Ireland in four varieties: garlic cream cheddar, leek and wensleydale, bacon and rosemary, and tomato, chili and feta.

The new selection is intended for busy clients who need appetizing and healthful fresh dinner ideas that feels like being made at home, Hughes Mushrooms said. Emmet Hughes, director of Hughes Mushrooms said that the company being one of UK’s biggest mushroom makers, are charmed to share the news that their  brand Filled Full Of range has made it into Tesco.

The company has many different plans for its wide range and it is estimated that the new contract will permit them to truly showcase the quality and flavors of the Northern Ireland mushrooms.  Hughes Mushrooms, which is Northern Ireland’s biggest mushroom maker, as of now supplies 240,000 tons of mushrooms every week to many different grocery stores, food processors and wholesalers all over the UK. The family-run County Tyrone business works with a system of more than 25 producers crosswise over Northern Ireland and employs a 100-in number workforce.

Caoimhe Mannion, Tesco Northern Ireland’s marketing manager had full praise for the Mushroom manufacture. He said that the Filled Full Of range, as an award winning brand, would improve the quality of local product range that Tesco offer its customers.  The association of Hughes Mushrooms with Tesco would be advantage to 25 more cultivators in Northern Ireland.