Huawei unveils its operations in Europe

The Chinese giant inverter manufacturer Huawei Solar commenced an expansion of its European region, with a new inverter factory in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The company hopes that it will certainly help its European customers with better flexibility and efficiency. The company uses this supply center to provide service to almost 40 countries in the Central Asian, Russian and European market, and has sufficient confidence that this expansion will be able to add further value to their business in the region.

In fact the facility opened in May 2015; by now it almost doubled its business volume. Now it has the capacity to produce 100,000 units per month, of which 7,000 are inverters. Guoguang Chen, Huawei Solar Europe General Manager commented that it is a significant milestone in the history of Huawei Solar’s European business with developments in their supply chain operation and notably the commissioning of our new inverter production factory.

We have shortened our production time to an all-time low and we are able to finish production within a couple of hours for urgent orders. For proper and intact delivery the company has entered into an open co-operation with DHL. Chen further commented that with DHL’s professional and systematic operation the end results is an entirely customized logistics operations that they are now in a position to deliver the products to European customers much faster than ever.