How to Get the Attention of UK Supermarket Buyers

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How to Get the Attention of UK Supermarket Buyers

As a UK Supermarket Buyer for 12 years I was inundated by new products, new suppliers, emails, calls, and of such volume that the noise was deafening. Sometimes the only way was to be ‘deaf’. On other days some of the noise was let through. In earnest deciphering the wheat from the chaff was impossible, and yes, it was my job, the challenge was that applying any sort of structure was impossible and inevitably the persistent and the different won through.

Persistence and difference to achieve ‘cut through’ is essential and these 7 ways to get the attention of a UK Supermarket Buyer will help:

#1 – Background Research

It’s obvious but few do it. Facebook, Linkedin, company history, values, comments by the person in the press, previous jobs, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. all need to be done, understood and respectfully used.

#2 – Linkedin InMail

Sign-up to Linkedin’s Premium offer for one month for free and send the Supermarket Buyer a Linkedincccc InMail. Not to sell, to get their attention. Add value.

#3 – Email a Whitepaper

Email the Supermarket Buyer a Free Whitepaper about the category, the product, or the shopper. Something that adds real value to what they may already know. After all, you are the expert, demonstrate it in a whitepaper.

#4 – Post a Video

Post the Supermarket Buyer a short link to a private Youtube video where you pitch to get a meeting in less than 2 minutes. Put yourself in their shoes. Why should they spend 1 hour seeing you? What’s in it for them?

#5 – Post Something

Create something that will grab the Supermarket Buyer’s attention and post it to them. Remember, at this stage you are only aiming to get a meeting. Do not try and sell it all up front. Tease them with something to get them to want to meet you.

#6 – Just Turn Up

I would never advocate doing this…but it worked. One day a guy turned-up at Head Office with a brand new cheese that he had been developing. He sweet-talked the receptionist and she spoke to me. I gave him 10 minutes. It worked!

#7 – Get their Colleagues On-Board

I recently heard of a Supplier cooking-up samples outside the Supermarket’s Head Office as ‘street food’. They gave away samples with a leaflet that said, ‘If you like this food, please email the buyer <email address>’. The Supermarket Buyer had lots of emails from colleagues saying how great the good was. How could she resist but call them?!

If you are struggling to get the attention of a UK Supermarket Buyer use our Executive Coaching product.

Darren A. Smith, Founder of MBM, wrote this article for International Supermarket News. He spent 12 years as a Category Manager/Trading Manager for one of the big four UK supermarkets. MBM enable suppliers to the big four supermarkets to secure more profitable wins. They are from your industry delivering People Development. Using their unique ‘Sticky Learning’ you too can have the best people for the long term.