he Aneta Drzewiecka, a regional personnel manager at Jeronimo Martins Polska, the owner of the store chain, talked about how much Biedronka employees earn.

“People starting work in the Biedronka store on the most popular position of a full-time salesperson and cashier can now earn at least PLN 2,700 gross($702.00), including the reward for unplanned absences in a given month, to reach PLN 2,950 gross($767.00) after three years monthly. In Poznań, PLN 3000 gross($780.00) is earned on the start, and after three years PLN 3300 gross ($858.00)”- she said.

It also disclosed the salaries that affect the accounts of warehousemen who have taken a job in discounting. It turns out that earnings from January 2018 range from PLN 3,200 to PLN 4,000.($832.00 to $1040) However, the location of the store, as well as seniority and position have an impact on this.

The head of the “Biedronka” store earns between 3500-4500 zlotys($910.00 to $1040). The amount of remuneration, as in the case of other employees, depends on the position, seniority and location of the store.

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