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How good is the Honey that you buy, Here are the results

A fresh roll, some butter and a spoon of honey: For many, the perfect start to the day looks like this. But is honey really a healthy natural product as many think?  Öko-Test, a German consumer magazine conducted a study on how good the honey brands are that we buy from the supermarkets.  Öko-Test sent 20 honey brands from different parts of the world to a laboratory and tested for critical ingredients. Only eight came out good.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, every German eats a good kilogram of honey per year. But how much glyphosate and genetic engineering are in the bee nectar? This question has been looked at by the testers. Of the 20 honey brands tested; nine were organic produce.

Depending on their origin, glyphosate and genetic engineering can be identified. To produce organic honey, the beehive has to be located in a place without having pollutants; pesticide inflicted crops or genetically modified plants in its three kilometer vicinity.  Three of the nine organic honey brands that was tested were “very good” in the test, two “good” and one “satisfactory”. Three were “unsatisfactory”, including the most expensive product in the test; the “Walter Lang Manukahonig” sold for 61.80 euros per 500 grams.

In addition, the testers found traces of Amitraz, a non-systemic acaricide and insecticide which was banned in the ecological environment.  The value of the pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) was also “greatly increased”. Test winner among the organic honey is the “Alnatura Akazienhonig ” sold for 6.95 euros per 500 grams.

Only three of the eleven conical honeys were able to convince the testers, including the “Breitsamer Honig Rapsblüte ” from Breitsamer + Ulrich.  The laboratory investigation showed high traces of glyphosate value in Aldi Süd’s “Goldland Blüten-Honig Sommerblüten- & Wildblütenhonig “ which is being sold for 2.99 Euro per 500 gram. In addition, the honey contained genetically modified ingredients, including Roundup Ready soy.

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