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how does spending by the ‘average’ Brit compare to US shoppers?

Black Friday has taken the UK by storm, resulting in 37.5% uplift online spending from last year, while total retail sales were up 2.2% against same time in 2013.(1) Meanwhile, it is estimated that online spending has reached £1,384m on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.(2)

But how does spending by the ‘average’ Brit compare to US shoppers?

SAS, the business analytics provider, has revealed seven dominant holiday shopping styles: the Black Friday Warrior, the Budget Buster, the Practical Shopper, the Perfect Gifter, the Cybershopper, the Last-Minute Hopeful and the Humbug. These are based on individuals’ shopping behaviour and average amount spent on Christmas gifts.

They are:

• Black Friday Warriors (21%, average spend $1,422/£923) enjoys going to the shops and being part of the crowd. Has the longest gift list.
• Budget Busters (11%, average spend $1,132/£724) generally end up over-spending, don’t mind paying more for convenience.
• Practical Shoppers (21%, spends $1,108/£709) saves, sticks to their budget and does all of their shopping at once.
• Perfect Gifters (19%, spends $1,056/£676) spends time searching for the perfect gift, loves to indulge family and friends.
• Cybershoppers (19%, spends $955/£611) finds shopping stressful and is not inclined to take advantage of the Black Friday deals.
• Last-Minute Hopefuls (5%, spends $955/£611) the least stressed group, they leave it all until Christmas Eve, picking up bargains and gift cards.
• Humbugs (5%, spends $941/£602) are the opposite of Black Friday Warriors. They think Christmas decorations appear too soon, dislike crowds, don’t indulge loved ones and won’t pay for convenience. They are stingy, delay until the last minute and shun sales.

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