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Hong Kong Encouraged a Voluntary system for food labeling to cut salt and sugar



Hong Kong government encouraged a voluntary system for food labeling to cut down salt and sugar in pre packaged food and will be in effect during this year. The chairman of the government committee Bernard Chan said that he expected the group to submit the proposal by second quarter of the year.

After the third meeting held by the board Chan said that naming sustenance with low salt and sugar levels is the simple target that can accomplish in the short term. It will help clients to settle on a more beneficial decision, and pressure producers to be more health conscious, He added that naming of low salt and sugar would be simple like a green color, so that it would be easy for people to make a choice.

In the long haul, the committee will make proposals on salt and sugar levels in the food item, yet Chan conceded such a move would be more confounded and dubious.

The committee, on the other hand, would not direct the government to enforce a mandatory law for labeling, and all suggestions would be voluntary- Chan said. Any of the food company to obey voluntarily to this will be enough for an incentive. He added that more training was required in schools and for the people on how to continue a healthy diet.

The objective of the board is to offer Hongkongers some assistance with achieving World Health Organization models for salt and sugar utilization levels in 10 years’ period.

The WHO needs to utmost salt eating to under five grams for each day and free sugar eating to under 10 % of total energy intake. A high level of salt intake builds the danger of creating hypertension, heart problems and strokes in grown-ups, and sugar intake can prompt weight-related issues, the organization says.

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