truckHere comes the ultimate travelling kitchen! At 70 feet long, it has two custom kitchens; a huge 18-foot media divider secured in HD, LFD screens, and two units of interactive displays that flank a theater-like stage utilized for live culinary shows. The 17, 55-inch screens are interconnected to deliver live show encounters. Call this, T.R.U.C.K (Traveling Restaurant Ultimate Competition Kitchen), the most progressive, intuitive, versatile rivalry kitchen on the planet.

Culinary Performance Media, (CPM) the company that publishes Florida Food and Farm magazine, and is situated in Lake Worth, Florida revealed its plans to introduce this innovative mobile kitchen to interact with brands and consumers.

“We hit each aspect of intelligence for brand engagement,” said Daphne Weaver, CEO of CPM. “We see T.R.U.C.K.! as a distinct game changer in the live culinary space – totally disruptive,” said Randy Fisher, president of CREaM the Company, specialists in culinary occasion administration. CPM drew in Cameron Davies’ Cruising Kitchens in San Antonio to help with the design and fabrication. “This asset just didn’t exist; we needed to build it,” said Davies. “It’s our most refined, propelled build yet.”

T.R.U.C.K.! is intended for complete brand engagement and will initiate at Event Tech in Las Vegas, where a large number of driving brands accumulate to see the most recent in social and intelligent innovation. The Marketing Arm, situated in Dallas will initiate the first of four T.R.U.C.K.’s coming online. “The intuitiveness and engagement potential for brand initiation with this asset are unending,” said Ryan Matway, overseeing accomplice of CPM. “We’re taking culinary to the next level.”

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