Healthy Snacking Brand Supernola to Reveal New Branding

Supernola® (, a gluten-free and paleo snack, will debut the product’s new branding to press exclusively at the 2017 Consumer Discovery Show (CDS), taking place at Spring Studios in New York City on Friday, November 17th and Saturday, November 18th.

FounderMade describes Supernola as a “snack that even a fast food addict will love”. Cindy Poiesz (Founder and CEO of Supernola) has announced, “We are super excited to debut our new branding at FounderMade’s CDS. Supernola is a stark outlier in the ‘granola’ category, so we are redefining it exactly as it truly is:  An exceptional anytime snack.”

Expect bold colors, a focus on the high-quality, superfood-packed ingredients, and an emphasis on the brand’s new tagline, ‘Have It All’. Supernola’s simple complexity can help consumers either at home or on-the-go enjoy both healthy nutrition and delicious taste. The new branded packaging is expected to be available in January 2018. Supernola is welcoming active conversations with retailers in advance of this much-anticipated release.

Supernola’s four unique flavors are Certified Paleo by the Paleo Foundation, free from any grains, gluten, soy, dairy and peanuts. The simple yet complex snack is made from tree nuts, seeds, and exotic superfoods. Focusing on extremely high-quality, anti-inflammatory ingredients, Supernola has more benefits than just good-tasting nutrition. Supernola is currently available in select retailers, online, and Amazon.