Algeria recorded the first cases of infection with Corona virus, after the injury was confirmed among two pilgrims who returned to Algeria at the week end, a statement by the Health Ministry said.

Health Ministry confirmed two cases of infection with the killer Corona virus in Algeria, and it comes to two Algerian men ( 66 and 69 years old ), who were in Saudi Arabia for the performance of Umrah.
According to the statement, two cases were declared by the Health Services of Tipaza and Tlemcen cities.
General Manager of the National Office for Hajj and Umrah, Sheikh Barbara, said that the state of pilgrim from Tlemcen is unstable and dangerous, as he is undergoing artificial respiration due to the impact of the virus, and his case has been discovered after being transferred to Kolea hospital in the wake of his deteriorating health, which was not discovered at the airport, as he underwent a one day treatment after returning from the holy sites.
“The second case is stable, as the injury was discovered at the level of the airport and transferred directly to the hospital.”
“Travel Agencies are forced to pull masks that are granted freely to pilgrims, at the level of health centers. Pilgrims should follow the advice that was given to them by the medical team of each agency in order to avoid infection, and undergo the necessary health vaccines, as well as using masks and be careful. Most important measure is the use of masks, so that there is no procedure that can be used in view of the lack of vaccines against the virus, which has killed dozens in the Middle East, and parallel with that, pilgrims who returned to Algeria should undergo medical tests by the teams that have been recruited for this purpose.”
On the other hand, Health Ministry did not declare any special arrangements to counter the virus, and whether it isolated the families of the injured and those who came into contact with them, at least to reduce the tension and fear that may reach people who had direct contact with the case, and merely issued a statement announcing the entry of the disease to Algeria.
For its part, Saudi Health Ministry announced on Friday, the high number of deaths due to Corona virus that causes respiratory syndrome in Middle East to 187 people in the Kingdom, which is the first outbreak of the virus, which appeared in 2012.
AFP quoted the ministry as saying that the an adult child of 11, died on Wednesday in Riyadh, at a time when the total number of infections reach 568 infected, of them 187 people died.
Saudi Arabia is the country that registered the largest number Corona virus infections, while other injuries have been recorded in several countries, including Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, the United States, Netherlands and Greece, but the majority of people living in these countries have traveled or worked in Saudi Arabia recently.
The World Health Organization announced after an emergency meeting about the Corona virus that it is not necessary to declare a state of a comprehensive public health emergency.