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Health Charities along with the leading food retailer have come together to tackle the Health Challenges of the Nations


Leading Health Charities along with the leading food retailer have come together to tackle the Health Challenges of the Nations

In United Kingdom almost every two minutes a new case of cancer is diagnosed and a million of people are at a risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Expert researches indicate that poor diet and increased rate of obesity contributes to such diseases.

Approximately ten years ago a Responsibility Deal was proposed by The Public Health Commission between Business and the Government. It documented that the issue could only be addressed through partnership, as the scale of the issue is vast, and also that individuals have to make small steps on their own terms.

The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK and Tesco, Nations largest food retailer, are introducing a new five-year strategic partnership to help colleagues, employees and customers in living a healthier lifestyle. Hence, three largest health charities of United Kingdom along with UK’s largest food retailer have come together to serve and help tackle some of the biggest diseases in the nation. The four organizations come together to unlock the energy, expertise and reach the maximum people, providing little helps and make a real difference.

The three organisations along with largest food retailer of UK, have decided to work together and over the next five years, all the practical plans will be put in place that would help millions of people across the United Kingdom in removing their barrier to healthier habits. Long term studies have indicated that people can make some sustainable lifestyle changes that would decrease the risk of heart and circulatory disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes. Although it is a big challenge that involves thinking at each and every level.

Last year, Tesco, introduced a number of little helps to make it easier and help its colleagues, employees and customers to live a healthier lifestyle. Prices of healthier products were reduced. Promotional space was given an increase on healthier lines and front doors of stores showcased comparisons, that how healthier choices can lead to a better lifestyle and enhance savings.

Eventually, sales of healthier lines grew more year-on-year than sales of total food. Sales of healthier swaps came up and the efforts made in last year May played their part in a good first half performance. Hence, in the swing of 2018, the aim of the partnership is to bring a measureable improvement on the health of the nation, by developing little helps that make a healthy difference to the population of United Kingdom.

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