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Happy egg will supply humanely raised eggs to Ladle and Leaf Restaurants

leaf-ladleThe glad egg co., a prominent free-range egg brand, reported its association with Ladle and Leaf (previously San Francisco Soup Company) to supply humanely raised eggs to each of their eateries. This makes Ladle and Leaf the first fast-casual restaurant network in the U.S. to solely utilize free-range eggs from the happy egg co.

Since 1999, San Francisco Soup Company has offered Bay Area restaurants a wide assortment of dishes produced using high quality fresh ingredients. As San Francisco Soup Company advances to Ladle and Leaf, supportability remains a center pillar for the organization, especially as studies reveal that customer-eating habits are quickly changing to incorporate an enthusiasm for sustainable menu alternatives. In a study led by the American Humane Association, 95% of members said that they are “very concerned” about the welfare of farm animals. The happy egg co. is the main free-range egg to be guaranteed by the American Humane Association and keeps up the guidelines of free-range in the U.S.A natural collaboration. Both San Francisco based organizations have the same responsibility to give carefully sourced items to their shoppers at the best possible price.

“Our objective has been to give our clients quality, trusted ingredients,” said Steve Sarver, Owner of Ladle and Leaf. “As we hoped to extend and enrich our menu, we banded together with local bakers and growers. We trust that our customers care about where their food is originating from and that the most supreme quality ingredients originate from companies focused on manageability and transparency. The happy egg co. adjusts splendidly to our mission and we are eager to grow our egg-based dishes and breakfast menu,” he added.

“The egg business has shifted considerably in the previous years. As shoppers keep on requesting humanely raised food, we’re finding that eateries and retailers are investigating the food items that they are serving their clients,” clarifies Jenni Danby, Marketing Director at the cheerful egg co.”

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