Groupe Auchan receives the Innov’Acteurs Trophy “innovative management”

On 29 November this year, the Innov’ Acteurs association rewarded the Auchan Group for its “Creative Attitude” participative innovation programme, launched one year ago in the five Euro zone countries (France, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain and Portugal).

An award for the Group’s managerial style

The panel was particularly impressed by the arrangements put in place to involve employees and to make them feel valued, and the global thinking characterising this initiative, which seeks to impact on the managerial style of all Auchan Group companies.

Creative Attitude: not so much a programme, more a state of mind!

“Daring, entrepreneurship and innovation” are the three watchwords of the Creative Attitude programme. Launched one year ago, this cross-functional country-business line initiative overseen by the Group HRD has given all employees the opportunity to put forward an improvement plan within their existing business line or to create a new activity via a call for projects, to be submitted within a 2-month deadline.

“The idea behind Creative Attitude was to boost innovation and to highlight the creativity of all our employees. This initiative reflects our values of sharing and progress, and our ambition to be a group of innovative retailers who are constantly anticipating what lies ahead” emphasises Emmanuel Le Bouille, Head of Participative Innovation.

At the end of the day, employees may be given the opportunity to implement their own project, but also to head off to San Francisco or Amsterdam on a “Creative Expeditions” trip where they can open up their minds and become imbued with a culture of innovation. Creative Attitude now offers a way to support employees, who are dubbed “CréActeurs” [‘CreActors’], as they implement their own projects. A further call for ideas, this time running on a permanent basis, is planned for 2013 within each Auchan Group company.


Brief details of the Creative Attitude initiative:

110,000 employees involved
1,068 ideas submitted in 2011
60 people taking part in Creative Expeditions
98 projects short-listed and analysed by business-line experts
35 projects undergoing implementation

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