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Greenville advances to home-delivery service over Mobile App



The latest city to get an on-demand grocery home-delivery service is Greenville that uses a mobile app to take orders and to deliver things to clients.

Shipt, which is situated in Birmingham, Alabama, will start function in Greenville and nearby markets Starting from Jan. 7, 2016. The home-delivery services will work with Publix stores in Greenville, Berea, Easley, Greer, Mauldin and Simpsonville.  Bill Smith, author and CEO  had said that Shipt selected Greenville because of much demand for such a service.


The Shipt application allows clients to pick specific things on their shopping list and give notes on things like feedbacks and/or preferences. There is no restriction to the quantity of things delivered, and requests can incorporate fresh milk, meat and perishable things.

To support its extension to Greenville, the organization will hire many employees to choose high end produce and correspond closely with clients to guarantee complete satisfaction of every order.

Shipt works through an membership plan. The charge is $99 for one year, on the other hand, Shipt is putting forward a pre-launch offer in Greenville of $49 for an one-year participation.

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