Green party pushes Newzealand supermarkets to donate unsold food

foodThe Green Party is considering whether New Zealand general stores should by law donate unsold food to the vulnerable.

It trails France which recently bans supermarkets from throwing away unsold food. A recently passed law in France forced supermarkets to provide unsold food to charities and food banks.

Green Party Co-Leader, Metiria Turei says, “We believe it’s an astounding activity and we have to take a gander at it precisely here.”

Under the law passed consistently by the French Senate, big shops will no more waste food approaching its best before date. The law in France takes after a grass roots battle in France by customers, hostile to neediness campaigners and those restricted to sustenance waste.

Metiria Turei said that, they are watching what done in France, and what kind of legislation they can put in place for our supermarkets. But also what other kind of support we can give to community organizations so that they can work better with industry like supermarkets and other food supplies.

Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson Sue Bradford says, “To do an asset dispersion in a way that didn’t put individuals down and make them feel bad would be truly important.”

Meanwhile in France, charities will be able to give out millions more free meals every year to individuals struggling to food.