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Founded in 1924, Green Box, S.L. is a family-owned company based in Alcácer (Valencia, Spain) and dedicated to the manufacture of packaging for fruit and vegetables.

With extensive experience in the industry, our company employs the most advanced technology in order to obtain innovative, high-quality products, capable of adaptation to our customers’ needs.

For over 30 years, we have been constantly developing our Green Box models, each designed to adapt fruit and vegetable packaging to retail stores, both improving product display and favouring product transportation over long distances whilst maintaining optimum quality. Our product is a single package that helps increase sales thanks to its attractive, fully-customizable, 100% recyclable design, providing companies with huge cost savings.


It is important to highlight that our Green Box represents the same cost per kg as other traditional alternatives available on the market, guarantees product freshness thanks to its constant vertical ventilation and can be supplied promptly to any location in Europe.

Green Box is available in models G100, G70 and G50, with capacities of 180, 120 and 80 Kilos of product, respectively.  All models can be customized and adapted to the distributor’s image.

Green Box is currently present in supermarkets throughout Europe. Our experience has led customers such Lidl, Netto, Edeka, Carrefour, Danke and Rewe, among others, to place their trust in Green Box for the display and sale of fruit in their outlets during all seasons: the product’s versatility enables its use as a container for multiple types of fruit and vegetables: watermelons, melons, all kinds of citrus fruit, potatoes, onions, etc.


3 years ago we adapted our design for the British market, removing all wooden elements. Thanks to the versatility of the product, the company has added new production lines using plastic materials. Customers such as Morrison, Sainsbury’s and, more recently, ASDA now employ custom-designed versions of the plastic G70 model in their stores.

One of our primary objectives is to continue our expansion in the UK market, and with this aim in mind we have recently adapted our G50 model to the “plastic” version (due to its size, this model is employed mainly for the distribution and sale of citrus fruit, and specifically tangerines).  We hope that this new product will allow us to reach all UK stores, as is already the case in the rest of Europe.

Green Box has a company policy based on the continuous product innovation, a constant investment in new technologies and machinery, a commitment to the environment through the use of renewable and sustainable materials and the promotion of product recycling, all of which is carried out in accordance with exhaustive quality procedures that allow us to obtain a very high degree of satisfaction from our customers.

fotos-enviar-isn-01Since its founding, the company has experienced constant growth. In the coming years, production is expected to double thanks to the incorporation of new strategic assembly centres in Seville and Almeria and the collaboration of local partners in Germany, France, Belgium and Holland. As such, Green Box is positioning itself as one of the leading companies in the packaging sector.

Our mission is to help our customers reach their business goals by providing innovative packaging solutions tailored to their needs.

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