The recent weather conditions in Florida and Mexico have had a major impact on the green beans production during the last few months. Prices for green beans in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions have gone up. According to Jonathan Steffy, Director of Sales Four Seasons Produce, the quality of beans harvest this year was pretty good. The biggest problem has more to do with supply and demand, which to say the least has created some challenges. Thanksgiving and Christmas were quite difficult with regard to the supply of beans, he included. 

The higher prices coincided with the period when the demand for green beans reached his peak. “People use lots of green beans along with the winter during the traditional holiday season in general. Although people also consume a lot of beans in the summer in our region, but they are less frequently sold in the supermarket, because beans are freely available at farmers’ markets and from private garden. During the winter months, as production is almost exclusively from Mexico and Florida, the impact is much broader noticeable, “Steffy said.

From the perspective of supermarkets has been a major shift from stocking loose green beans in bulk at the produce department and have to clean and cut bags that are suitable for the microwave. These often have a brand or private label. The bags contain the whole bean, wherein cut the ends, and are washed. Consumers are positive about the ease of use and although there is still demand for loose beans in bulk, has in the last few years definitely a shift towards ready-to-use format.

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