Great potential for organic farming, says German Minister Schmidt


German Federal Agriculture Minister Schmidt sees great potential for organic farmers, but he does not want to put pressure on the farmers. Federal Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt encourages the German farmers in the face of fluctuating world market prices to enter into the organic farming. “The organic market further offers enormous potential, for farmers’ incomes”, the CSU politician said before the fair Biofach, which begins this Wednesday in Nuremberg. However, the decision meet every operation itself. “We will not prescribe organic farming by law.” The sales revenue of the German organic farmers has accented, according to a new data for 2014. The newly released figures shows a hike of 1.65 billion euros from 1.55 billion euros an year earlier. Customers pay particular attention to improved animal welfare.

Organic farmers could finally decouple from overall profit slumps in agriculture and even increase their income, as evidenced by economic data of the farmers’ union. As a basic stable prices were mentioned, while the agricultural world market prices have plummeted overall on a broad front. Schmidt reiterated the goal of expanding the proportion of organic area in Germany to 20 percent. So far there are more than six percent. “Much we can produce in the domestic market, but we will always have to import things like tropical fruits,” said the Minister. Important is the reliability of organic imports.

Most popular organic products among consumers are eggs, as an unpublished survey commissioned by the Ministry showed. People frequently buy “organic” fruits, vegetables and potatoes. According to the survey, 24 percent of respondents said they use to buy a quarter of their food from organic sources and in the future plan to do so more frequently.