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Granarolo attends SIAL; plans to expand overseas

Granarolo, the largest agricultural and industrial operator in Italy, will participate in the 27th edition of Sial Paris International Food Exhibition, the international fair for the global food innovation leader dedicated to the retail and foodservice professionals, which is being held in Paris from 16 to 20 October 2016.

Granarolo said in a statement that the company will be present in the exhibition with an sizable stand of over 100 square meters, in which the full range of products and brands of the group available for international markets will be exhibited. The company will be presenting itself as the most important Italian dairy company and as an ambassador of agribusiness in Italy to the world.

The stand will have a tasting area with an Italian chef who will create the dishes and tastings on the spot with the Granarolo products. Making lever on the excellence of Made in Italy and on the entire production chain, Granarolo participation at Sial Paris 2016 is part of the commercial development plan in support of the process undertaken in 2011, with the aim of expanding overseas.

In Sial Paris 2016 Granarolo will present, in particular: the complete range of Italian milk for international markets: Granarolo UHT milk, UHT milk from selected and certified organic stables, the brand goat milk and milk snack for Amalattea children; Milk for Children Granarolo, the innovative range of UHT liquid milk for children 0-3 years old milk-based High Quality and the highest safety standards: Granarolo is the first company to have had a factory certified by Chinese authorities for the production and marketing of milk for infants.

The group will also present the Authentic Italian Gelato Granarolo, made with a minimum 60% of High Quality Fresh Milk, a moment of goodies 100% Italian; the Granarolo 100% vegetable: a full range of products made using only soy, rice, hazelnuts and almonds Italian, no GMO, vegetable drinks, vegetable alternatives to yogurt, vegetable seasonings, ice creams and the latest addition, the plant-based food burger, prepared dishes, seitan and tofu in natural fresh version, frozen and long-life for all foreign markets.

SIAL is the first World Food exhibition network, with an unrivaled geographical coverage, with 9 salons in all 5 continents: Europe and the world (Paris), North America (Montreal and Toronto), South America (Sao Paulo), Middle East (Abu Dhabi) and Asia (Shanghai). With this strong worldwide presence, SIAL has developed, in addition to a very thorough knowledge of all operators in the industry, including a role as a privileged observatory and recognized the trends and innovations from around the world. 2016 edition will attract more than 7,000 exhibitors from 104 nations.

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