A start-up food company, Gourmosa has instigated a wide variety of Indian snacks, including the first bakeable samosas to be sold in Asda stores. The fully bakeable samosas have fifty percent less fat than the regular fried samosas.


The new health focused variety incorporates baked samosas, samosa pots and samosa pies – all accessible in chicken tikka, hot beef and masala paneer flavors. There is also another variety of three beans, spicy fruits and chana chaat pots. The samosas cost between £3.50 and £3.75, with the samosa pots and pies selling in between £2.25 and £2.99 and the chaat pots costing between £2.50 and £2.75.


After an at first positive response from retailers, the items, which are made at Gourmosa’s kitchen in Leeds, has secured its first posting with market chain Asda. The samosas, enlivened by traditional Indian food and overhauled to match today’s health conscious community, takes its soul from the Indian subcontinent. The company claims them to be another new variety of super foods, which utilizes new cooking procedures. The outcome is a range of extraordinary tasting items, overflowing with authentic flavor and spices without compromise.


Gourmosa founder Azam Jaafri said that the love of Indian snacks are often relegated due to the fear of health hazards that come with. Traditional snacks are almost always fried and contains high amount of salt, sugar and fat. The new samosa the company proposes will no longer be fried, but baked.


Discussing the significance of fusing health benefits into the samosas, Jaafri included consumers were very much health conscious these days. More people are now checking labels for food ingredients.

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