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Gourmia Joins Industry Leaders to Sponsor the Smart Kitchen Summit

Gourmia™, a designer and manufacturer of innovative electric kitchen appliances, is doing its part in keeping attendees at this year’s Smart Kitchen Summit well fed and nourished. The company is sponsoring the daily luncheon at the two day event.

Gourmia is proud to be participating at the Smart Kitchen Summit along with other IoT industry leaders.  The Smart Kitchen Summit is growing very quickly in importance and stature for both the appliance industry and connected category,” commented Heshy Biegeleisen, Gourmia founder. “It is important for us to be part of Smart Kitchen Summit as we are focused in helping every cook – whether a seasoned veteran or a nervous novice – become a smart cook.”

Earlier this year, Gourmia won a prestigious Global Innovation Award (gia) at the 2017 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. Its Wi-Fi and Alexa-enabled Electric Square Tea Maker (GTC8000) was selected by a panel of industry experts and news media as the best item in the Smart Home Products category. The winning product is one of smart kitchen products Gourmia currently offers with numerous sku’s migrating to IoT over the next year.

The Gourmia Smart Difference

Gourmia smart small kitchen appliances are intrinsically smarter. Some of the features developed by the engineers at Gourmia that will set them apart include:

One Cohesive App – the Gourmia mobile kitchen app connects to every Gourmia IoT device, allowing users to control their appliances from their mobile device.

Built-In Cook Cam – found on selected Gourmia IoT appliances, takes videos or photos of food being cooked, which can then be transferred to social media sites via the Gourmia mobile kitchen app. Can also be used to reference provided time-stamped photos, enabling users to compare what they are cooking with how it should appear.

Alexa and Google Home Integration – Gourmia IoT technology embedded in the appliances is compatible with voice services, such as Alexa and Google Home, under the skill name MyMia, allowing voice activation as well as integration with Facebook, Instagram and Skype.

Safe Cooking –the Gourmia mobile kitchen app has the ability to block usage of an appliance if there is no adult supervision present; can remotely monitor a Gourmia smart appliance and turn it off if needed.

Recipe Book – the Gourmia mobile kitchen app automatically programs recipes into any Gourmia IoT kitchen appliance, plans meals, calculates calories in a meal, and generates a grocery shopping list based on a selected recipe.

Family Preferences – the Gourmia mobile kitchen app can integrate each member’s preferences regarding food choices, favorite recipes, and desired meal for special events.

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