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Google is testing the login without a password



Big G is ready to say goodbye to the old password. To access the account the email address and approval to a message on your smartphone would be enough. Google never ceases to innovate and the Mountain View giant has now started testing a new system that allows users to connect to its services without using a password. An innovation that would greatly increase the level of account security and that could change the way in the future users will benefit from e-mail, social networks and other online services is all set to roll out.

Google, in its blog TechCrunch, confirmed that Big G ​​is testing new methods to access the accounts. As a part of initial test and run the service is now available for a limited number of users. In the new access system, login has only one box which permits you to enter your email address. At that point, Google sends a notification to the user’s smartphone, asking them to confirm that you are trying to enter the account. If you choose “yes”, Google allows access.

The developers said that this system would make Google experience much more quick and safe. The option of access without a password can be disabled at any time and the new system does not exclude the “classic login.”

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