Google is combining Chrome OS into an Android platfrom for PC

Chrome-Android-convergenceGoogle is said to have combining its Android and Chrome OS into a single Operating system, which will be uncovered one year from now. The last OS is relied upon to debut in 2017. The tech giant is apparently acclimatizing Chrome OS into Android for PCs, despite the fact that Google reps have expressed that both stages will keep on existing as separate entities. As indicated by Wall Street Journal, specialists have been taking a shot at the new OS for as far back as two years.


With this mobile computing for Android will remain generally the same, yet Google is stretching out Android-like usefulness to PC. The organization is purportedly going to offer its OEM accomplices for Chrome OS to stay with their present stage, or change to the new Android-based OS. The new OS will be compatible with the Google Play Store.Chrome OS will get another name, despite the fact that the Chrome program will remain the same.


The move plainly characterizes Google’s emphasis on the Android operating system. That isn’t unanticipated considering that, however the Chromebook is an extraordinary gadget by itself, it’s a niche item; most clients would either incline toward the portability of an Android cell phone or tablet, or the dependability of a decent laptop. This reshaping can let Google open more individuals to Android on an alternate hardware platform, and drawing in developers who might gladly chip away at only one version of an app that has multi-platform support.