Goodfella’s launches Apple crumble pizza


Italian American pizza maker Goodfella’s announced their new item in the menu,  Apple crumble pizza. The company which has been delivering delicious Deep Pan baked pizza since 1993 said that the new Apple crumble pizza will be a great treat for pizza lovers and dessert aficionados alike, because two of their favourite treats have been combined in this single pizza.

The frozen pizza will be sold through all major supermarkets in the country, the company said in the statement. The pizza has a sweet crisp base with Bramley apple sauce and apple pieces, and a traditional crumble topping. The crumble follows the previous launch of Goodfella’s chocolate fudge brownie pizza last September, which featured chocolate sauce, milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and brownie crumble.

Goodfella’s is counting on the “trends for big nights in and sharing occasions” which is common among households. But the company has been getting negative reviews in the social media for its new launch. Many of the tweets suggests that it would be hard days ahead for Goodfella’s and Apple crumble pizza.