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Gold Pan Awarded to Bambino’s Frozen Baby Food, Creator of the First Peanut Allergy Prevention Biscuit


Bambino’s Frozen Baby Food and Founder/CEO Zoi Maroudas were awarded the Gold Pan Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence for the company’s mission-driven purpose of reducing obesity and food allergies through their medically-researched, nutrient-dense, organic, natural, balanced meals.

Spearheading the response to the deadly peanut allergy, Bambino’s created the Peanut Mani in 2015 under the guidance of the LEAP study published by New England Journal of Medicine. Maroudas presented it to the American Allergy Foundation Conference that Fall. Maroudas was asked to present again in 2016. Two weeks ago at this year’s Allergy Conference, allergists themselves presented Bambinos as the natural alternative. (Read This Cookie Might Save Your Baby’s Life on Medium)

The recommendation from study suggested introduction to peanut protein as early as four months of age.

“The Peanut Mani cookie can be also blended into a cereal making it easy for little ones new to solids,” said Maroudas.

“The allergy epidemic can be reversed with meals focused on infants’ nutritional development and that is what we do at Bambino’s,” said Maroudas. “I created a option that helps babies develop a natural immunity to peanuts. If parents have any concerns about introducing peanuts at all, as a mom myself I say take the cookie to your baby’s six-month check-up.”

Peanut Mani is made from 100 percent organic ingredients with no sugar or preservatives, and sweetened by oranges for a natural boost of beta carotene essential to immunity.

“The best thing we can do to improve our nation’s health is to feed our children real, honest foods from the very start,” said Maroudas. “Our meals help babies develop a taste for healthy and establish good eating habits for a lifetime.”

In new manufacturing facility, which opened September 1, Bambino’s welcomes families to see and learn how their products are made offering complete transparency. Bambino’s ships nationally and offers subscription service to any state from their organic, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian varieties.

Awards 2017

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Gold Pan Award

Women’s Business Excellence

America’s Choice Award for Best Organic Brand

Alaska Symphony of Seafood, People’s Choice Award for Salmon Bisque baby food

St. Elias Best New Startup by Alaska Business Monthly

Awards 2016

Alaska Symphony of Seafood, Grand Prize for Hali Halibut baby food

First Place Business Plan Competition

Feature by Hoda Kobt from Today Show

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