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Gluten Free foods – Not healthy

Some recent researches are now indicating that foods that contain gluten are much more healthy than gluten-free foods as they contain huge amounts of fat and sugar than the regular foods. Gluten free foods are way more costlier, charging as much as a hundred and fifty per cent more than regular food.

Gluten free foods are lower in fibre, protein and other vitamins. A gluten free diet is extremely necessary for people suffering from Coeliac, but many other people have shifted to a gluten free diet as they have started believing that it is healthy and contributes to better eating habits.

Sales of Gluten free foods have risen drastically in the recent years, however, recent studies indicate that gluten free breads contain high amount of fat almost double of regular bread. Also the levels of protein are much lower than that of regular foods.

The demand levels for gluten free products have made them extremely costly, due to which people suffering from Coeliac are not able to afford them as Coeliac makes a person gluten intolerant. It is caused due to adverse effects of Gluten. Almost every one person amongst hundred in United Kingdom is suffering from Coeliac.

Some gluten-free staple foods are available only on prescription which might be altered by the government very soon.

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