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Gluten-free cheese bread

Gluten-free cheese bread maker, P*DE*Q, first launched its business at the 2011 Fresno Food Expo where Owner Flavia Flores made meaningful sales and catering contacts that made up 75% of P*DE*Q’s sales and more than 50% of its caterings customers. Just seven months following the Expo, Flores opened a P*DE*Q* storefront and manufacturing location in Fresno where customers could eat P*DE*Qs while watching staff bake the delicious bread.


The storefront allowed Flavia to serve her P*de*Qs to single customers as well as fill large bulk orders, establishing a critical industry connection that allowed the business to meet the growing demand by retailers.


P*de*Q was then approached by the wholesale giant Costco to bring its product in-store, but could not meet demand at its current facility. Because of a co-packing relationship with Wawona Frozen Foods – a fellow Fresno Food Expo exhibitor  – Flores was able to meet the quantity demands of Costco, as well as the quality standards and regulations. Her product hit the shelves of Costco not too much later!


As you’ll see in the press release below, this regional food show and the innovative food producers, like P*de*Q, who thrive here have attracted the attention of Food Network personality and food critic, Simon Majumdarwho recently announced his plan to return to the San Joaquin Valley specifically to attend this event, and meet one-on-one with the companies who participate.


Tied to Majumdar’s attendance, the Expo is inviting restaurants from throughout the region to participate in a new culinary portion of its public event on July 28 to deliver a food tasting experience truly reflective of the region. Ten restaurants will be tasked with creating a dish that can wow the crowd, while integrating at least two locally sourced products from food or beverage producers exhibiting at the Expo in a new suite of awards – which Simon Majumdar will help judge.


If you are interested in speaking with a representative from  P*DE*Q about the innovations and collaborations that come out of the Fresno Food Expo that are so valuable to our food production economy, or if you’d like to speak with Simon Majumdar about why he chose to make his way back to the San Joaquin Valley specifically for this event, please let me know. Our food producers, growers and manufacturers are also happy to draft columns and bylines on this topic as well.

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