Glasgow supermarkets open up for Goodfellas frozen vegan pizzas

A place exclusively known for vegans, any guesses?

Yes. It is Gasglow. They city is packed with delicious eateries that are completely free of meat. However, with the workaholic nature of people in the city reflects that people always do not want to go out for a meal after work and do tend to miss little meals at home. Goodfellas giant pizza has made tasty little home meals possible by launching UK’s first ever vegan frozen pizza.

It will be soon available at affordable prices in all the major stores in Gasglow. Keeping in mind the preferences of the Vegan Society, the pizza will have authentic topping of falafel, red peppers, spinach, white onions, hummus and a number of mouth watering healthy toppings.

Goodfella has stated that they are moving with an aim to meet the demands of huge amounts of people who do not prefer animal products and moreover provide them with tasty food. They have already made excellent recipes and are extremely happy with the results.

However, the vegan society has given an approval of the mentioned toppings, Goodfella has not yet given a word on the appearance of cheese on the pizza. Although this product would help people live an easy Vegan lifestyle and provide an exciting addition to the freezer at home.

However, there are still many vegan pizza options available in the market Goodfella, provides an edge over the prices with falafel pizza retailing. A number of Vegan magazines have claimed the availability of the Goodfella’s frozen vegan pizza in the supermarkets in March, it has yet not been made clear that which supermarkets would stock the product.

At one end where magazines are promoting and supporting the launch of the Frozen Vegan Pizza. Many of the Vegan Food Magazines tend to criticize the product and see it as a threat to the vegan culture. However, population seems to have been eagerly waiting for the product. Also no updates have been given on the kind of base that would be used in the making of the Pizza.