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Gin Booms In United Kingdom

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has indicated that more than a hundred per cent of distilleries have grown in UK approximately in past five years. Around 49 new distilleries have opened up in 2017 that would result in a net increase of 42.

Around 20 had opened up in Scotland while many more have opened up in Wales, North Ireland etc. UK has came to be known as the gin capital as today it operates 24 distilleries by itself in London.

A prophecy shows the continuation of growth of distilleries in United Kingdom. Wine and Spirit Trade Association has stated that the opening of a number of distilleries in London in the past five years is driven by Gin. A lot of new Gin brands have been processed and has now become one of the staples in London.

Significant amounts of investment has gone to the British Spirits Industry and are continuously welcoming this trend. In 2018 it aims to bring in new variations of Welsh Whisky.

An upcoming distillery in United Kingdom states that London is going through an era of excitement as people have started to show interest in trying the new spirits and are elevated to know how these drinks are made and where they come from.

The city is set to launch courses in craft distilling where general public will be able to learn and sign up. Also with opening of such new distilleries the local areas would open up for trade and help bringing in employment.

Latest reports indicate that last was an extremely high sales period for gin. More than about 45 million bottles were sold in last 12 months.


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