GiCap opens supermarket of the future in messina

On September 28, 2017 opens the new Sidis 3.0 retail outlets in Messina city center: a new milestone for the GiCap Commercial that adds a new clue to the mosaic of business success, confirming the pole position among the Sicilian companies of the GDO with the prospect of a constant renewal that can daily feed the future.

In an innovative and interactive environment, the way to conceive the traditional supermarket will be revolutionized, it will integrate the features of classical retail outlets by implementing customer experience through digital solutions, enabling consumers to spend their money through tablets and smartphones, in an intelligent and intuitive location where expense will be even faster and more comfortable .

This scenario could leave you imagining a cold and static situation, but this is not the case: in Sidis 3.0, elegant and sophisticated design recalls the familiar and domestic character of the local market; materials such as wood and steel marry in a sophisticated way, creating a pleasant environment, not only for spending but also for tasting.

In Sidis 3.0, the customer will have the opportunity to find always fresh products and the best quality: in the department of the butcher, delicatessen, fish and sushi, fruit and vegetables, gastronomy, you will always find the best at any time of the day