Giant Eagle supermarket chain moving into the IBM SoftLayer Cloud

Giant Eagle, a mid-range supermarket chain, is currently moving a portion of its infrastructure into the IBM SoftLayer Cloud. The company made this decision because that they don’t want to build any data centers. Jeremy Gill, senior director of technology infrastructure said they went through a tactic session of looking at the company’s data centers. They want to take advantage of the cloud, either by adding or retrofitting data center.

The $9.5 billion chain of 218 supermarket/drug stores and 200 fuel-service areas is headquartered outside Pittsburgh. Its two data centers support both Giant Eagle stores and corporate stores; the last includes three-fourths of the aggregate, with areas in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Indiana.

Gill said the company’s focus has moved to infrastructure service for its future computing activities as a response to the geographic spread of its clients. It picked IBM over different suppliers in light of the fact that it offered both virtual servers and bare metal servers on which Giant Eagle could run some of its legacy applications.

Gill said the applications in the association’s primary data center are 80% virtualized through a blend of VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. The staying 20% will either be virtualized or keep on being keep running on bare metal servers because of the way of the application, he said in a meeting on December 7. “One of the biggest drivers for us was that accessibility of bare metal servers,” he noted.

Giant Eagle’s secondary data center is utilized for test and improvement and catastrophe recuperation. Throughout the following 12 months, it will end up being the first to move to IBM SoftLayer. The company has a really vigorous fiasco recuperation pose now, said Gill, however it will enhance with the move to the cloud.