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Germany, New supply policy: Aldi lowers prices for branded products

For the first time, Aldi also offers branded products from the standard range at a discounted price. The reason for the restraint: Aldi wanted to raise no doubt that the normal price is already favourable.

“For Aldi, that’s a perfect change of direction. The discounter has so far always set to constant low prices. There were no special offers for branded products that were permanently on offer “, emphasized the trade expert Matthias Queck of Retailytics, the analyst group of the” Lebensmittel Zeitung “.

On demand, Aldi Nord also confirmed: “In the future, we will also offer articles from manufacturers in the standard range at the offer price within our action weeks.”

Prices for branded goods are easier to compare – because they are available in virtually every discounter and supermarket. Price changes are therefore more visible in products such as Coca-Cola.


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