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Germany, Aldi enters the online trading

“Aldi supplies” calls the chain their online shop. There, customers can “buy selected promotional items of the discounter on the Internet,” according to a press release from the company.

However, the usual weekly shopping at Aldi can not be done on the website. Because “Aldi delivers” includes only individual action items. Food is not distributed through the online trade “Aldi supplies”.

The business on the Internet with promotional items Aldi Süd has already discovered in 2017. Two years later, Aldi Nord moves in and offers “Aldi supplies”. One hopes thereby many customers the purchase to facilitate and to address new target groups, communicated Aldi south.

Unlike the payment at the cashier in the supermarket, the anxiety about the products in the online trade is not eliminated, because: “All, Aldi suppliers’ offers are only available while stocks last,” it says.

Priority will be given to electronic articles on the Aldi website. Flat-screen TV, beamer and a heat pump dryer can be found there. The electric reel and laptop already carry a “Sold Out” banner. In addition, Aldi Nord’s online shop initially offers a box spring bed and individual pieces of furniture.


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