A product can obviously be hazardous to health. The discounter takes the product as a precaution from the sale.

Aldi Nord calls back because of possible pieces of metal roasted onions. These are 200-gram bags of the brand “Trader Joe’s,” said the discounter. It can not be ruled out that some packages contain metal foreign bodies.

The products have a best before date from 20.05.2020 to 22.05.2020, as Aldi further announced. Buyers get the purchase price back. Aldi Nord took the fried onions of the manufacturer Delizza GmbH as a precaution from the sale.

Aldi recall: Only certain northern companies affected
The product concerned was found exclusively in the Aldi companies Beucha, Beverstedt, Datteln, Herten, Hesel, Schloß-Holte, Horst, Lehrte-Sievershausen, Hann. Münden, Weimar, Nortorf, Rinteln, Salzgitter, Scharbeutz, Werl and Wilsdruff. Customers can check Aldi Nord’s “Stores and Opening Hours” to see which company owns a branch.

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