Georgia Farm Bureau raises $20k from Harvest for All campaign


For the 6th year in a row, Georgia Farm Bureau draw together cash donations during its Harvest for All campaign conducted annually.  The donations created $20,000 in cash from county Farm Bureau and the home office. As per the Georgia Food Bank Association (GFBA), one in four kids in Georgia live in food frail family units – families in which there is diminished quality, assortment, or attractive quality of eating routine, or those that have upset eating patterns or decreased sustenance intake. Counting grown-ups, one in five Georgians live in sustenance shaky family units.

Georgia Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall said that the quantity of Georgians with constrained access to quality food was found staggering. The Harvest for All campaign is a way through which we can decrease the hunger found in communities all through the state, he included.  The GFB Young Farmer Committee facilitated the eleventh Annual Harvest for All Campaign. Duvall and Georgia Farm Bureau Young Farmer Committee Chairman David Cromley gave a check to GFBA Director Danah Craft amid Georgia Farm Bureau’s 78th Annual Convention on Jekyll Island.

The GFBA began its Farm to Foodbank program in 2014, through which it acknowledges food donations straight from farmers, who give nutritious fruits and vegetables that supermarket chains won’t purchase for aesthetic excuses. For the second in a row year Georgia’s ranchers gave more than 10 million pounds of food, giving more than eight million suppers, which Craft credits to GFBA’s association with Georgia Farm Bureau.

Established in 1937, Georgia Farm Bureau is the state’s biggest general farmers association. Its volunteer individuals effectively take an interest in nearby, local and state exercises that elevate agribusiness attention to their non-cultivating neighbors. GFB likewise has 20 rural merchandise admonitory advisory groups that give the association info on issues related to the significant harvests and animals developed in Georgia.