Future Of Walmart

Doug McMillion, after putting years of hard work in the retail industry National Retail Federation (NRF) announces him Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Walmart. At Retail’s Big Show 2018 by NRF McMillion shared his plans for Walmart which included one of the major decisions of increasing the minimum wage of workers.


Apart from increasing wages, he also announced that benefits for the employees of Walmart would also expand seeing as a direct result of recently passed tax reform. McMillion states that Walmart wants to ensure wellbeing of its two million employee’s along with wants to provide opportunities that exists for career growth. Walmart not only wishes but also aims for the growth and betterment of its employee’s.


People are extremely important to achieve the goals set by Walmart. Walmart is heavily investing in e-commerce. Although, Walmart’s online sales represent only 12 per cent of the total sales.  Company is working towards improving customer experiences in physical stores.


Walmart’s future plans include evolving beyond boundaries in order to increase expectations of the customers and create memorable experiences. Hence, Walmart sets it’s work goals on it’s ability to increase value for customers, offer broad category of products and continue to launch exclusive ranges with ace quality. Altogether, aiming improving customer experience’s.