It may sound exaggerating saying some customers found out that their cars tanks are 50% water, but it is true !!  

   Many customers last week at Tesco superstore in Warndon, Worcester complained about problems in their cars due to the existence of a considerable amount of water in the fuel they had from Tesco filling stations.

  The first supermarket retailer has denied to be the reason of these problem and claimed that it is something common and has nothing to do with their fuel, but later on when the number of the angry customers raised, and after a small investigation done by the retailer, Tesco admitted selling contaminated diesel fuel at a filling station, and stated that they will be covering the damages caused by this product.

   “Our investigation has found an isolated case of water in one of the diesel storage tanks at our Worcester Warndon Superstore and we are in contact with and supporting the small number of affected customers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”, a Tesco spokesperson said.

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