Fuel prices less than £1 per liter in UK


Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s will sell fuel for less than £1 per litre from today. Asda was the first to move with a 3p per liter cut on diesel at its 279 stations – making it the first retailer to bring diesel costs to beneath £1. Asda said in an announcement that organization’s national price cap will see diesel and unleaded accessible at the same cost of 99.7ppl which would be the first time in more than six years.

Tesco said it would likewise be dropping the cost of diesel to 99.7ppl at all of its 500 filling stations. Sainsbury’s also said its diesel would cost 99.9 pence per liter over its 301 forecourts. The supermarket’s petrol shoppers had been filling up for under £1 since December 12.

Andy Peake, Asda’s senior petrol chief, said: “We’re glad to be leading the way and investing in some New Year cheer for customers by bringing the cost of diesel to below £1 for the first time in over six years. This latest announcement shows that we’re committed to being the driving force behind lowering fuel prices.” Tesco’s Fuel executive Peter Cattell said: “We know our customers really value low fuel prices and having diesel for 99.7p a litre will give our customers a big helping hand for the New Year. This reduction will mean millions of customers save money by shopping at Tesco.”

Sainsbury’s Head of fuel Avishai Moor said: “This is great news for diesel drivers and kicks off 2016 on a really positive note. We hope that this will help motorists to balance their budgets in the quieter period after Christmas and the New Year.

Meanwhile, Steve Gooding, director of motoring research charity the RAC Foundation, asked why these discounts and deals took this time to come in effect. Wholesale prices have been low since December, and retailers were selling fuel for a higher price, he included. Since 2009, prices for unleaded fell below £1 per liter at many grocery stores a month ago.