The European project dedicated to the promotion of fruit consumption among young adults in various European countries is preparing to launch a new campaign crammed with events and initiatives. Special attention this year will be devoted to one of the programme’s target countries… Denmark.


(Ferrara, 30 April 2014) Summer is coming, and as usual, with it come the promotional activities run by “Fruitness, Enjoy it!”, the project organised by CSO, the Italian Fruit & Vegetable Services Centre, and co-financed by the European Union and Italy’s Ministry of Agriculture. This project was originally launched in 2006, with the aim of stimulating children and teenagers to eat more fruit while enjoying themselves. Last year it was prolonged through to 2016, with various interesting novelties. One of these is the new entry of Denmark among the target nations, joining the UK, Poland, Germany and Sweden.

In the coming months a whole series of in-store promotions and other initiatives will focus on Denmark, in order to stimulate public interest in various kinds of summer fruit: mainly peaches, nectarines and plums. Hundreds of different points of sale will be involved in the campaign, which will be backed up as usual by “Fruitness, Enjoy it!” posters, leaflets, information and gadgets. Also featured will be the new multimedia totem display units, which invite visitors to enter the world of fruit with a simple touch-screen gesture.. And of course, to add extra colour and verve, the Summer 2014 promotional campaign will retain its renowned superhero testimonial duo, Mister e Miss Fruitness. He dresses his vitamin-rich muscular vitality in green tights and cape, She evidently feeds her beauty and athletic prowess with plenty of fruity nourishment! This couple has the task of communicating to the general public the health benefits offered by the kinds of fruit promoted : above all their elevated vitamin content (one peach contains 10% of the entire recommended daily dosage), along with their richness in potassium and in other anti-oxidant substances such as beta-carotene and protovitamin A.

Recent statistics show that Denmark has an average pro capita daily fruit consumption of 197 grammes, which is in line with the European average. In 2011 it produced roughly 87,000 tons of fruit, of which it exported over 30,000 tons. It imports a large amount of fresh fruit, surpassing 400,000 tons in 2011 (source: Freshfel Consumption Monitor 2012).

. Nordic countries tend to feature a widespread awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and this contributes to the Danish market’s receptiveness to all campaigns relating to diet and nutritional habits.