The dynamic year 2017 was completed by the frozen food retail sector with huge successes. It seems to have exceeded 6 Billion Euro by the second half of the year only through maintained sales and continuous growth.

The new Graphical representations have indicated that the sales value of frozen food has risen by 6.1 per cent year-on-year. Two per cent increase is seen in volume, which has lead to the creation of 64 million euro extra, thus adding immense value to the Frozen food retail sector.

Savoury food has performed exceptionally well in the market showing a rise up to 8.8 per cent and another 8.5 per cent followed by Ice Creams. This includes frozen breads, poultry, meat and a number of vegetarian products. Vegetables and Fish also seems to have grown about 6 to 7 per cent respectively.

British Frozen Food Federation seems to be extremely elevated seeing the value category continuing to grow at a faster rate. It has taken a long time for the people to have realised that the frozen food is good and at times gives a better and superior quality than the Fresh food. A number of marketing campaigns had to be released by brands and retailers in order bring awareness regarding the benefits of frozen food.

Finally after all the hard work by the top marketers people have understood the benefits frozen food which includes factors like waste reduction, convenience & health and are continuously discovering the benefits of better quality and how excellent dishes can be prepared within no time.

Researches have indicated that consumers tend to choose frozen premium products that are often on discount or any offer and try to make restaurant dishes at home which has led to rise of frozen food sales up to 6 per cent.

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