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From East to West

Japanese cuisine trends make their way onto Waitrose shoppers’ dining tables. 

As rugby fans get set to head overseas for the World Cup in Japan, it appears those at home are preparing to get in on the action too.

Sales of ingredients for Japanese dishes have seen strong year on year growth at Waitrose & Partners, including umami paste up 89%, shiitake mushrooms up 24% and yuzu juice up 17%.

Searches on continue to show the trend that home cooks are keen to explore Japanese cuisine, with monthly searches for ‘Japanese recipes’ up 21% year on year. Recipes that are particularly popular  are ’Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)’ with views up 5,500%, ‘Japanese-style shredded vegetable pancakes’ up 320% and ‘Japanese miso fishcakes with noodle salad’ up 167% compared to last year.

In light of this growing appetite, Waitrose has recently added more Japanese products such as tonkatsu sauce and miso paste to its Cooks’ Ingredients range, which includes key ingredients from cuisines from around the world, and has plans to launch new products into the range later this year.  

Jenna Doran-Twyford, Cooks’ Ingredients buyer at Waitrose & Partners, comments, “Japanese cuisine has been a staple on the British restaurant scene for years, but sales show our shoppers are becoming more experimental with their cooking as they look to recreate more authentic meals at home.”

We hope those planning to entertain during the Rugby World Cup can enjoy creating Japanese-inspired dishes, perhaps with a glass of saké!”

For those looking for some Japanese cooking inspiration ahead of their World Cup entertaining, Andy Morris, Waitrose & Partners Cookery School Chef, shows three ways to use the classic Japanese tonkatsu sauce to add a sweet and tangy flavour to dishes.

The inspiration from Japanese culture across Britain doesn’t stop at its cuisine. As the trend for journalling continues to grow, the latest edition of Waitrose Health highlights the Japanese philosophy of kakeibo, a form of journalling.  As figures from the Office for National Statistics show that people are better at making ends meet than they are at planning ahead financially, and as Brits look for a journalling style to suit their personality and lifestyle needs, kakeibo helps with financial planning. The magazine offers tips on how this can encourage financial mindfulness through forward thinking.

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