Friend of the Sea helps retail and catering search for sustainable seafood.

Friend of the Sea helps retail and catering search for sustainable seafood.

One to one meeting in Bangkok a major opportunity for sustainable trade.   

Friend of the Sea is an international certification program for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Being the only nationally accredited independent certification, several retailers in Europe and worldwide are already relying on Friend of the Sea certification when selecting their sustainable seafood suppliers.  Environmentally conscious consumers in turn give their preference to seafood carrying the Friend of the Sea logo.

Since its foundation in 2008, by the same group of environmentalists which developed the successful Dolphin-Safe project, Friend of the Sea has been making significant progress. Today over 500 companies from more than 50 countries have products certified Friend of the Sea. The over 1.000 seafood products carrying the eco-label can be found in supermarkets, nutritional supplement stores, restaurants and other food service establishments. Product categories comprise: fresh, supplements, frozen and canned food.

Compliance with all Friend of the Sea certification requirements, including social accountability and energy efficiency, is based on the best available scientific data and verified onsite by independent and accredited certification bodies. Friend of the Sea standards include no IUU, compliance with Total Allowable Catches and minimum size, low discard and no bycatch of endangered species.

The promotion of Friend of the Sea certified products is one of Friend of the Sea’s main objectives. Among the most effective events organized by Friend of the Sea are its One to One meetings

In cooperation with the Earth Island Institute and with the kind support of the Thai Tuna Industry Association, Friend of the Sea is organizing the Second One to One Meeting, which will be held in Bangkok from 9th to the 12th of November 2015. The event, including keynote presentations and much networking, is a unique opportunity for delegates of major retailers and catering chains to meet certified international seafood suppliers. Retailers are invited to participate in the event, free of charge, as Friend of the Sea recognizes their crucial role in motivating suppliers to implement sustainable practices.

The first edition of the One to One Meeting, held in Venice in November 2013, brought together 16 retailers and representatives of 38 certified companies from all over the world.