Friend of Sea: A spot on, well organized event

Friend of the Sea, a project for the certification and promotion of seafood from sustainable fisheries and sustainable aquaculture, recently organized a One to One Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand where industry experts discussed comprehensively and thoroughly on Dolphin-Safe tuna project.

Over 20 fisheries have been approved by Friend of the Sea including seven pole and line, seven purse seine, five Handline, one troll and one longline.

Over 65 companies have products certified by Friend of the Sea. FCF, main tuna broker is part of the Friend of the Sea project, having some of its vessels approved.

Some of the main fleets are FOS certified are as follows: SOVETCO (nr 1 in France); Pevaeche, Calvo, Jealsa, (among the major Spainsh shipowners); Frabelle (Philippines, major ship owner in the Pacific Ocean).

Several major canning companies have their products certified and carry the FOS logo in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, as well as several producers of frozen tuna for steaks and sushi from Maldives, Sri Lanka, Ecuador.

Friend of the Sea is Member Associate of Infofish/FAO. FOS requirements for major tuna freezer vessels include presence of 100% onboard observers, use of CCTVs and FADs with non-entangling nets. Friend of the Sea started as a project of the Earth Island Institute, the NGO that operates the successful International Dolphin-Safe project.