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French market leader E.Leclerc is only growing online  


he French supermarket group E.Leclerc saw sales grow by 1.5% in 2018, but it is striking that 60% of that growth came from e-commerce. The pick-up points for online orders (drives) performed particularly well.

Hypermarket formula E.Leclerc clocked 2018 in France to a turnover of 37.75 billion euros. That is good for a growth of 1.5% compared to a year earlier. It is striking, however, that the stores only increased by 0.1%: 60% of the growth comes from the ‘drives’, where French people can pick up their online orders.

Despite “particularly competitive” market conditions, E.Leclerc is pleased with the results: some had already buried the supermarkets, but that was too early. Chairman Michel Edouard Leclerc responds in his blog: the entrepreneur owes the success to the multichannel strategy, but also says that the enseigne has chosen not to aggressively use promotions and to improve the (fresh) offer.

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